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No Pasaran! Solidarity is a weapon!


We are incredibly excited to bring you the second album from Cardiff’s hardcore punks GRAND COLLAPSE. ‘Along The Dew’ does not disappoint and perfectly follows on from the bands frantic 2014 debut ‘Far From The Callous Crowd’. The new album ‘Along The Dew’ delivers everything you want from GRAND COLLAPSE; it’s an aggressive, non-stop full throttle forward beast of raw energy and massive riffs!

Available as Vinyl LP as well as Digital Download (click for full information!)

As with their debut album, the artwork is a woodcut print made by the amazing artist John Abell. To find out more about him, head to his website

Produced & mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House (Southampton, UK).
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Portland, U.S.A).
Guest vocals on 'Though Bloodshot & Blurry' by Efa Supertramp. 
Graphics and layout by Welly Artcore
Photograph by Boo. Cover art by John Abell.

This is a joint release with TNS Records and URINAL VINYL from the UK. 

• Comes in Colored Vinyl! (Red with Black swirls!)
• Includes Digital Download.
• Available for streaming on our BANDCAMP and STREAMCLOUD

GRAND COLLAPSE - Along The Dew LP + MP3 (Bollox 042)
GRAND COLLAPSE - Along The Dew digital download (Bollox 042)

DISTRO CLOSED FROM 18.03. - 01.05.2017 !!!

I won't be in the office from the 18.03. until the 01.05.2017. - I gonna be on tour and straight after that i gonna move the label and myself into a new warehouse and flat … i will be able to check my emails every now and then and feel free to send in orders but expect a longer turnover as usual. Thanks.

This info will be updated so please feel free to check again in case some things change. Its a really busy time for me right now and probably things will turn out differently as planned (as usual!) … stay alert!

Also, so far 2017 will see new releases from:
  • GRAND COLLAPSE "Along The Dew" LP
  • AUTONOMADS  "As The Crow Flys…"  7'' EP
  • HELLKRUSHER "Human Misery" LP
  • CIVILISED SOCIETY? "Scrap Metal" LP (Reissue)
  • CIVILISED SOCIETY? "Violence Sucks" LP/CD (Reissue),
  • SCUM OF TOYTOWN "Strike" LP/CD (Reissue)
  • INSTIGATORS CD and hopefully more if i'm not completely broke…
All those mentioned in no particular order (of course!)

OI POLLOI "Saorsa" LP+MP3 - OUT NOW!!!

This is the sixth studio album of the long going scottish anarchist punk band "OI POLLOI" (ancient slang for "The Common People") - 15 new songs recorded in 2014 with an retrospective of the many musically influences of previous OI POLLOI records. Here you find the anarcho charged sing-a-long Oi!Punk in exchange with D-Beat-Crust and of course classic UK Anarcho Punk. "Saorsa" means "Freedom" in scottish gaelic and "Freedom" or "Liberty" is the lyrical main subject of this album. Lyrics are mostly sung in English with little excursions into Gaelic, Spanish as well as Yiddish. With all the heavy political content, OI POLLOI never excluded humor in what they do and this is what makes them so sympathic in my eyes.

Responsible for the beautiful artwork was Sonia L. who already contributed to previous OI POLLOI records such as "Fuaim Catha". This album is housed in a gatefold sleeve with additional poster and lyric sheet.

Recorded at E-Studio / Helsinki, Finland 2014. Produced and Engineered by Jyri Riikonen.

Yellow-Vinyl Edition is available via the Ruin Nation Mailorder or from the Band. Limited 200 Copies!

• The song "Early To Bed" is an exclusive track for this vinyl edition.
• Includes Digital Download.
• Available on CD as well via Ruin Nation Mailorder or direct from MASS PRODUCTION.