HAPPY 2018 EVERYONE! - Back In The Office!

Happy new year everyone! - I'm back in the office to pick up where i left of. The next two releases due to be out asap, will be the much delayed CIVILISED SOCIETY? Scrap Metal Anthology Double CD as well as the AUTONOMADS All Quiet On The Western Front ... 7" EP

I only had two new releases in 2017 but several represses from the Ruin Nation and Skuld Releases vaults ... i hope i can focus in 2018 on new releases and there's already a truck load of new in the works. Watch this space! New vinyl from: AKRASIA (NO), NEGATIVE (NO), MORUS (PL) and INJURED LIST (DE) are in line... and HELLSHOCK Shadows Of The Afterworld LP will be reissued in spring.

What else? ... as usual at this time i'm way behind the letters and emails and of course the bloody official stuff you have to do as a registered company thingy AND to set the karma for 2018:

On the 2nd january the doctors finally diagnosed a rupture in my groin area due to too heavy lifting. There might be even two! Not too big ones (yet!) but still needs surgery and probably me no longer lifting heavy boxes for quite a while. I will have friends helping out, but still things might go a bit slow here.

Thanks for all ... and check out the news in the store!

Here's a little teaser video courtesy of the AUTONOMADS for their upcoming 7":